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Expedited LTL is standard with Daylight. Nobody’s faster coast to coast

We pick up LTL shipments on Thursday or Friday and deliver Monday for hundreds of long haul lanes, at standard LTL rates. 75% of the long haul freight we carry delivers in 2 days. Sound impossible? Not for us. Our unique business model is built for speed. Daylight’s “normal” is expedited.

Strange but true: Our speed also makes us safer and more reliable

Direct loading, strict cut-and-arrival patterns and non-stop two-driver teams get your shipment there faster and more safely. Our unique business model reduces handling, so there’s less risk of damage or delay. Your shipment arrives complete and on schedule.

Made-to-Order LTL solutions for you and your customer

Does your customer have a special requirement? Got an unusual situation or a crisis? From one-time emergencies to highly customized processes (SOPs) to delight your most challenging customers, we will innovate to make the impossible happen. We call it Made-to-Order LTL®. Just ask. We’re flexible.

Delegate to Daylight and offload your staff

Let us handle time-consuming shipping tasks so you don’t have to. If you’re shorthanded, we can fill out BOLs, handle quoting and set up pickups. We can audit paperwork for you ahead of time and create customized reports to match the fields you use.

Just-in-Time LTL streamlines your supply chain

In today’s lean just-in-time world, Daylight’s speed delivers advantages that impact every department in your company: shipping, logistics and supply chain, sales, service, finance. Our Just-in-Time LTL® service supports shorter lead times, improved order fill rates, less safety stock, just-in-time make-to-order and ship-to-order programs. Make up for holdups or delayed shipments from Asia without incurring the cost of air freight. Daylight’s Just-in-Time LTL will make you a hero!

Daylight people are passionate about your success. Watch video.
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