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Life in the fast lane

Daylight’s standard LTL transit times are super fast. See for yourself!

Transit Times Finder
Here’s just a small sampling of Daylight’s industry-beating transit times:
Origin City Destination City Pickup Day Delivery Day Daylight Industry Standard
Atlanta, GA Santa Monica, CA Thursday Monday 2 4
Los Angeles, CA New York, NY Thursday Monday 2 4
Boston, MA San Diego, CA Friday Tuesday 2 5
Carson, CA Marietta, GA Monday Thursday 3 4
Chicago, IL Anaheim, CA Friday Monday 1 3
San Francisco, CA Elk Grove Village, IL Friday Monday 1 3
Cleveland, OH Torrance, CA Thursday Monday 2 3
Greensboro, NC Pasadena, CA Thursday Monday 2 4
Dallas, TX New York, NY Friday Monday 1 3
Mesquite, TX Hollywood, CA Monday Wednesday 2 4
Indianapolis, IN Glendale, CA Monday Thursday 3 4
Laredo, TX Jersey City, NJ Friday Monday 1 3
Irvine, CA Chicago, IL Friday Monday 1 3
Oakland, CA Allentown, PA Thursday Monday 2 4
Long Island, NY Deerfield Beach, FL Monday Wednesday 2 4
Philadelphia, PA Ft. Worth, TX Friday Monday 1 3
San Antonio, TX Ontario, CA Tuesday Thursday 2 4
San Diego, CA Miami, FL Friday Tuesday 2 6
Syracuse, NY Miami, FL Friday Monday 1 4
Stanford, CT Burbank, CA Friday Tuesday 2 4
Birmingham, AL San Jose, CA Friday Tuesday 2 4
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