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Daylight Transport Leads Pack in Service and Sustainable Infrastructure – FreightWaves


Daylight Transport leads pack in service, sustainable infrastructure investment

Logistics industry often overlooks building-based sustainability opportunities

 (Image: Daylight Transport

Texas is something of a logistics hotspot due to its convenient location and business-friendly policies. The state attracts corporate investment by making it easy for companies to build infrastructure and chase sustainability goals. Daylight Transport started taking advantage of those perks a few years ago, bringing a swell of jobs and a forward-thinking attitude to the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

Daylight started operating in Texas — and the city of Grand Prairie — in 2016. The company has been partnering with state and local leaders to drive innovation and improvement ever since.

The company’s strategic location has opened up virtually endless opportunities to grow over the past several years. Most recently, Daylight opened new lanes between Texas and the Midwest, servicing Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

Daylight’s presence in Texas has created pathways to enter other markets as well. Thanks to the opening of its 2022 Atlanta service center, the company now offers lanes with two-day service between the Atlanta, Dallas, Fort Worth and Houston markets.

These new lanes are in addition to the solid foundation laid over the last seven years where Daylight Transport has built a reputation for servicing the West Coast, Northeast and South Florida with best in class speed and reliability.

The company’s commitment to its community also  helps fuel its ongoing dedication to customer service.

“Daylight’s people live our commitment to being the premier expedited LTL service provider and truly seek out many ways to be different in every single customer interaction,” Daylight Executive Vice President Greg Steele said. “We showcase our uniqueness on each touch of the customer.”

Daylight’s investment in Texas provides a strong foundation for the company’s standout environmental efforts.

“City and state leadership have made it a priority to partner with businesses that are willing to commit to the people and communities of Texas,” Steele said. “Texas has made it very easy for Daylight Transport to make these sustainability investments.”

The company has made serious sustainability strides when it comes to infrastructure. The environmental impact of buildings is often overlooked in the trucking industry, leaving massive unseized opportunities for improvement. Daylight is taking heed of those opportunities.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a certification program used to recognize sustainable building practices across the globe. To gain LEED certification, building owners must submit evidence of site sustainability, water efficiency, energy consumption, indoor air quality and overall carbon footprint.

(Image: Daylight Transport)

Daylight recently opened the first LEED-certified trucking facility in Texas, proving its continued commitment to both sustainability and the people of the Lone Star State.

The environmental impacts of sustainable infrastructure are well documented, but these green workspaces have another, often-overlooked perk: improved employee satisfaction.

“Daylight Transport’s number one mandate is to take the best possible care of our people,” Steele said. “Our position relative to the workspaces we create for our people is very simple: If our people are truly our top priority, why not provide them an environment and workspace where they will be happier, healthier and more productive?”

Steele’s observation that the company’s eco-friendly buildings lead to improved employee satisfaction has been confirmed in studies focused on employees working in LEED-certified buildings. A 2018 survey conducted on behalf of the U.S. Green Building Council found that 93% of workers in LEED-certified spaces are happy with their jobs, while 83% attribute productivity and increased happiness to access to outdoor views and natural lighting.

This increased satisfaction has a real impact on employee recruiting and retention. In fact, the same survey found that 79% of employees said that, given the choice, they would take a job in a LEED-certified building over a job in a non-LEED building. This indicates that LEED-certified buildings do more than just save companies money on energy bills; they also drive down turnover rates and reduce the expenses that come with replacing employees.

“We will continue down the path of building environmentally conscientious buildings,” Steele said. “Our people flourish in them, and the communities we operate within welcome us as if we are family.”

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