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Women In Trucking

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Daylight Transport is excited to announce our recent participation in the Accelerate! Conference & Expo hosted by Women in Trucking Association. At Daylight Transport promoting diversity is extremely important and we look forward to participating in future events.


The U.S. economy depends heavily on the trucking industry, which offers prospects for lifetime careers. We always encourage diversity at Daylight Transport and support women in trucking.


About Women in Trucking

Women In Trucking, Inc. is a nonprofit organization created to support the employment of women in the trucking business, highlight their successes, and lessen any barriers they may encounter.


About Daylight

Daylight is an American success story. We were founded in 1977 when cross-country transit

times averaged 7 to 15 days. Through innovations like two-driver sleeper teams, we brought

this down to 2 to 3 days, coast to coast. Daylight has grown steadily over the past four

decades and is now one of the nation’s leading expedited LTL carriers. Daylight has won

many awards for service, most recently being named the top LTL inter-regional carrier by Mastio.

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